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Peri Anal Abscess

Peri Anal Abscess

Peri Anal Abscess

Abscesses around lower abdomen and anal canal are known as anorectal abscesses. These are important as this often Culminates in Fistula in Ano.


  • Majority of Abscesses arise from acute inflammation of and gland
  • The pus collect within the internal sphincter and come superficial in the perianal region
  • Infection of a thrombosed external pile may also result Perianal abscesses.


  • Patient complains of throbbing pain around anus,this pain becomes exaggerated during defecation, Fever, Headache may be associated with this condition
  • Very tender cystic lump may be seen/felt at the anal margin


Treatment is incision and drainage of the pus,But an inadequate and defective incision will lead to anal fistula. To avoid this upcoming fistula Ayurvedic kshar sutra is placed in cavity by making internal opening in anal canal.It avoids fistula and ensure complete healing without relapse.