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Prakash medical centre is one of the best centre for treating pile
amit, noida

I have been suffering from fistula from last 3 years, treated successfully at Parkash Medical Centre.
Vipin, Delhi

I was suffering from piles for which i got operated by a BENGALI doctor i was releived for a few days than i developed a swelling near anus, consulted a surgeon he told me it was an abscess converted now into sinus, i was again operated but again it was for few months. Than one of my friend told me about Dr. Amit at Prakash Medical Centre i consulted him he told me its fistula, and kshar sutra can cure it, i took treatment and in about 2 months i was perfectly ok. now even after 2 years i don't have any symptom. THANKS Dr. Amit
S.S.Rawat, Indirapuram, Gzb.

I hv taken kshar sutra treatment at prakash medical centre for fissure who was restricting my daily routine because of severe pain for last 3 yrs. it was amazing i was almost normal after 48 hrs of treatment and completely cured in 15 days.
Mohit, Vaishali Ghaziabad

I was suffering from pus discharge from anus for last 5 years and trying home remedies and some medicines published in news papers, but it was not working than i heared about kshar sutra therapy from my collegue and came to Dr. Amit, he examined me carefuly and advised mri scan, it was horse shoe fistula, i went for kshar sutra at prakash medical centre and completely cured in 3 months. Experience of having treatment at PMC was very good.
bhagwan singh, Mayur Vihar Delhi

I was detected fistula about 3 years before. After taking some medicines it was subsided. Now again after 3 years, i started getting discharge and got to know that Fistula has re-erupted. I got to know that Ayurvedic Ksharsutra is better than Surgery. After going through the profile and experience of various doctors, i was satisfied by Dr. Amit of Parkash Medical Centre, Indrapuram,who seemed quite experienced and satisfied my Query's. I was detected Multiple Fistula after MRI Scan advised by him. I went through Ksharsutra and was cured in 2 Months only. The Cutting Rate of Thread was also very good (1 to 1.5 CM per week)because of its special Preparation. I sincerely Thank and Recommend Dr Amit for the cure of Fistula and Piles.
SACHIN,, Ghaziabad

very affordable curing of piles treatment
aryan, jaipur

Treatment of fissure by the Experienced hands of Dr. Amit is just like magic. I was cured in 24 hrs for which i was in trouble for years.
Kapil Sharma, Preet Vihar Delhi

I was having fissure for last 7 years after my pregnancy, it was very painful every day, later on it was converted into fissure abscess because of improper treatment,one day one of my friend told me about Dr. Renu Sharma and her specialization in treating anorectal troubles, i was treated by kshar sutra treatment and today even after 3 years i am completely allright. BIG THANKS TO DR. RENU SHARMA
Bhawna Gupta, Vaishali Ghaziabad

I was assured that I am having piles unless I met Dr. Amit. He realized me that I am suffering from fissure and the swelling is due to chronological process of the disease. Thanks Dr. Amit he clear it all in just one sitting painlessly.
pratibha shah, Delhi

My father was taking treatment for fistula in ano from Dr. amit sharma , during his therapy i also consulted Dr. amit about my pus discharge from between the hips, he told me that i m having pilonidal sinus,and advised me too for kshar sutra treatment, i was confident that Dr. amit will cure my illness as he cured my father's fistula, i went for kshar sutra was just like magic no pain, no hospitalisation, i was able to join my schedule from the next day. thanks Dr. Amit. i highly recomend Dr. Amit sharma for anorectal diseases
jaideep, mayur vihar delhi

i was having big thrombosed piles, which were very painfull and hampering my daily routine, i came to know about dr. Amit sharma from my father who residing in indirapuram. i consulted Dr. Amit and he solved my problem just in 2 hours and i was almost normal same day, it was like miracle for me. THANKS DR. AMIT & HIS TEAM
Ankur Verma, Ahemdabad Guzrat

My wife is suffering from piles problem. There is one massa also developed external side of anus...
Sushil Verma, Ghaziabad

My wife was treated by Dr. Amit about 2 yrs back for fissure. It was wonderfull painless treatment, this time when i got the same problem i took the same treatment from Dr. Amit without consulting any other doctor and i realized what a sure shot treatment is it, THANKS
Sanjesh Yadav, Indirapuram

I was having fistula in ano, for last 1 yr, i got a small operation for that but it occured again i consulted so many doctors but all of them were saying that it may relapse again even after 2nd surgery. Than I came to know about kshar sutra treatment and skilled and experienced hands of DOCTORS of Prakash Medical Centre, Icame here got my MRI done and came to know about 2 branches of my fistula track, and this was cleared just in 3 wks, and even after 3 years i do not have any symptom.
Sunil Kumar Sinha, Ranchi

I m a soldier in CRPF posting I chattisgarh. I was having high level fistula in ano and consulted at Safdurjung Hospital Delhi, but because of chances of incontinance they refused surgery than I heared about Dr. Bhupendra and Dr. Amit in Indirapuram . I started treatment there and today after 4 months I m perfectly alright and joined my company back. God bless Dr. Bhupendra and Dr. Amit
Kamal singh, Moradabad

Mere guda marg me 10 Dino se dard hai or halki si jalan bhi hai.kya ye piles ke symptoms hai.
Dd, Delhi