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MYTH:-any discomfort in anal region is piles
FACT:- There are so many causes for dyscomfort in anal region eg. piles, fissure, thrombosed piles, perianal abscess, fistula, anal warts, perianal infections. Only after proper examination your doctor can make a diagnosis.
MYTH:-Bleeding from anus is always associated with piles
FACT:-Apart from piles bleeding can occur in so many diseases like fissure,rectal ulcer, trauma, cancer etc,so better to take an opinion from a qualified doctor before labelling yourself as a piles patient
FACT:-Piles/fissure/fistula can be cured completely and even without surgery by KSHAR SUTRA KARMA with ealy mobilization of patient.
MYTH:-Piles are always genetical
FACT:-piles is life style related disease and can occure even without family history
MYTH:-Piles can be cured with single injection
FACT:-Injection therapy(sclerotherapy) is usefull only in case of gd. 1 haeamorrhoids. and there is no relevance of injection with fissure, fistula, thrombosed piles and later stages of piles.
MYTH:-Piles can be cured by a specific group of doctors like Bengalis
FACT:-NO, piles can be cured by any qualified doctor practicing in anorectal disorders, moreover sometimes it can be harmful for your life and pocket to rely upon unqualified doctor